Reviews for Sharon's Multitherapy Clinic

Sharon has been there for us for the past 7 years. I initially took our 2 year old son who had toppled over and fallen out in the washing basket he was playing in. He couldn't walk and was very distressed and it was a Saturday morning. In desperation I left a message on her answer phone (I had heard good things about her from someone else). She rang back and arranged to see him within the hour. With a crick and a crack he was walking again. I could not believe it.

Since then she has drained ears regularly (so far avoiding grommets). She has fixed head injuries, back injuries, sore necks, shoulders, feet ,knees and everything in between.

I compound fractured my humerus just above the condyle, thanks to Sharon I have nearly a full range of movement in the elbow joint. I couldn't move my arm at the shoulder and got told I had a frozen shoulder - not according to Sharon, a crick and a crack (painless) and I could move normally.

As it turned out the head of the humerus had moved in the joint leaving it slightly dislocated, she relocated it and fixed the problem. She realigns my hips monthly so that menstruation is painless and manageable, she fixes my husbands snoring!

We don't know what we would do without Sharon, as a family we have had meridian therapy, homeobotanical therapy, reconnective energy healing, regular osteopathy and lots of laughs. She seems to have a sixth sense as to what is causing a problem and how to restore the body to how it should be. Our children have grown up with her putting their bodies back together. We recommend her to lots of friends and family who also become regular clients for her.

Debbie Eaton

Sharon is what I would call my go to girl for all my muscle aches and pains; I have been going to Sharon for about 7 years and 9 times out of 10, it is only one visit for a result.

Sharon just doesn't cure the problem; she will give you advice on how to prevent it from happening again, in my case regular stretching and don't forget the ever important water. Sounds easy and it is but oh how often we forget.

Sharon is always willing to pass on knowledge she has acquired over the years and I am waiting for the book she is working on to come out and I for one will certainly be purchasing one.

Dene Lollback

What a fantastic person using alternative medicines and healing, it is always refreshing to spend time with her.

It is almost sad that something is not right when I visit her.

She has helped me greatly over 10 years - with a lot of different issues, ranging from feet to back and head right through to not being able to sleep I will not see any other professional. She is my first call every time

She always has a good yarn and is so knowledgeable on so many subjects.

I always give her name and number to any of my friends, family or wok mates that need to have the extra wonderful touch from Sharon.

You know it might hurt a little but to be able to stand up and feel a difference is amazing. She has such a wide range of therapies – I now I must have tried them all to great success.

I could go on and on but how do you really say so much in one little space. Without this wonderful, caring person who genuinely wants to help you as quick as possible there would be a lot of unbalanced people out there.

Wendy Blithe

My partner has been seeing Sharon for many years but I have always been a bit skeptical.

I took my 10 year old daughter to see Sharon as she could not move her neck and was in tremendous pain.

As she had never been before she was extremely anxious about going. Sharon made her feel comfortable instantly. My daughter after the treatment looked so much better.

When she woke up this morning she was bright, bubbly and moving her neck in all directions again! She is now calling Sharon the 'Magic Lady'.

I would recommend Sharon to all and will be telling everyone about her.

Thank you Sharon :o)

Tasha H

I have been a patient with Sharon Hope for over 20 years.

My family have all seen her at one time or another, I continue to see Sharon for treatment on a "Maintenance" basis, as like most other people I would imagine.

I spend a lot of time sitting at a computer or in a vehicle, I have a bad posture and have a stressful job, and demanding lifestyle. I find my visits to her keep me balanced... Sharon is excellent if you are in a crisis also, and I have been there too.

Sometimes it is hard to know what kind of treatment to seek or where to find help when it seems you have tried everything - as a result I have referred numerous friends and colleges in pain or when they just cannot find a conventional answer to their problems - all have been successful, and I mean all.

I call her my best kept secret although I do share her phone number ... and i know many people are grateful for this...

She is very knowledgeable, she is honest and she tells it like it is, she has a genuine concern for helping others, Sharon values your time and resources and her primary objective is helping you feel better.

There are so many options out there today and it is hard to know what avenue to take, but give Sharon a go, I know my friends and I have not been disappointed - just do not retire Sharon!!!

Karen Temata

I have been going to Sharon Hope for many years now and have always found her to be efficient and effective in her role as my multi-therapist. I feel Sharon looks at my condition with a holistic approach. Her bubbly personality aids this, as I always come out with a fresher approach to the day mentally and physically. If I'm not progressing accordingly Sharon will go that extra mile to work out why, using a range of techniques she is proficient in to get to the bottom of the problem.

Her continuance to research and evolve her practice techniques in a quest for the improved well-being of her clients keeps me steadfast with her. She gets results where other professionals have floundered. I recommend Sharon's practise to anyone who is open to a selection of therapy's that can be found under the one umbrella.

To anyone who is reading this if it's not working for you - contact Sharon...

Angela Scothern