About Sharon's Multitherapy Clinic

Sharon Rosemary Hope of Sharon's Multitherapy Clinic in Hamilton New Zealand

Sharon is a retired qualified Osteopath with over 30 years experience, now practicing as a multi-therapist, combining her hands on skills from multiple Natural Healing Arts

"In the many years that I have been practicing I would have treated on an average of at least ten people a day five days a week. In most cases now I have families of three generations that I have treated over the years.

The children I treated over 25 years ago - are now bringing me their children - which does have the tendency to make you feel you have been around for a long time. This however is the depth of my experience. I am a Grandmother of seven grandchildren."

"Over the years I have been involved in many sports as a player, coach, and in administration. I am a First Degree Black Belt in Kung Fu. I am also the person who introduced Indoor Netball and Indoor Soccer into the Cricket Arenas in NZ. My sporting experiences have given me knowledge that I have been able to use in my clinic to help other sports people, along with my hands on skills."

Body Coaching

I have coached athlete's including iron men, marathon runners, hockey players, martial artists, netball players, basketball players (and many others) to be the best they can be.

Body coaching includes:

  • Eating & drinking habits
  • Repetitive issues in sport and how to combat them
  • General health issues & coaching
  • Muscle testing etc


... Sometimes it is hard to know what kind of treatment to seek or where to find help when it seems you have tried everything - as a result I have referred numerous friends and colleges in pain or when they just cannot find a conventional answer to their problems - all have been successful, and I mean all ...
...She gets results where other professionals have floundered. I recommend Sharon's practise to anyone who is open to a selection of therapy's that can be found under the one umbrella ...
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